Passion and Unity at CHS

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Commentary by Dave Freneaux
    The possibility of relocating the 9th Grade Academy due to overcrowding at Central High School seems to have awakened a sleeping giant.  In what has become an excellent and still improving school system, it is easy to accept circumstances as "normal" and assume that is the way things will always be.  I attended all of the public meetings regarding the possible relocating of the 9th Grade Academy.  I do not believe that the students, parents, faculty and staff in our school system were ever so aware of their own sense of community unity and their passion for preserving that unity until they faced the prospect of removing the 9th grade from the High School campus.
    What followed this awakening was a professional, passionate, and articulate series of presentations and heartfelt statements from students, parents, faculty and staff, all in defense of the existing structure and community at Central High School.  It was actually inspiring to see the obvious dedication all of the speakers had to the concept of leaving the High School community intact. The CHS faculty and staff, under the leadership of Principal Bob Wales, assembled an impressive powerpoint presentation which included excellent research, thoughtful insights and creative solutions which would enable the 9th Grade Academy to remain at CHS.  The over-riding theme of the meetings was that everyone was willing to make whatever sacrifices were needed to and do whatever it took to make this happen.  As a backdrop to all of this, it needs to be pointed out that Superintendent Faulk and the CHS presenters ALL stressed at ALL times that the overriding goal needed to be to do whatever was in the best interests of the academic lives of the students.
    At the end of the day I believe we all learned something.  I believe the community of students and educators at CHS became more acutely aware of how passionate they truly are about their own CHS family.  I believe we all have seen that the CHS community is more than capable and willing to do whatever it takes to meet any challenge that they face.  Finally, I believe that the faculty and staff of the Central Community School System has found that they have a voice that matters, and that when that voice is raised on behalf of Central's children, people will listen.