9th Grade to Remain at Central High

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    After a two week process of public meetings the decision has been made for the 9th Grade Academy to remain at Central High School.  Due to overcrowding at CHS and the need to provide an independent core classroom environment, consideration was being given to relocating the ninth graders, including the possibility of housing them in the available space in the newly constructed school facilities opening in August.
    The plan is to rearrange existing temporary classrooms and add several classrooms and a restroom facility.  This new cluster of 12 classrooms and a restroom facility will serve as the core classroom area for the 9th Grad Academy for the next several years.  Superintendent Faulk also requested that the School Board begin researching the process of providing a permanent solution by way of building a new classroom wing at the High School, eliminating the need for temporary buildings in as little as two years.
    During the public meetings held to receive public input on this matter there was a passionate plea by parents, students, faculty and staff to avoid separating the 9th graders from the high school if at a all possible.  Reasons cited included availability of advanced classes, participation in extra-curricular activities, and the disruption of the community of the students and faculty at the high school.  (See Editorial on Page 2 for more on this issue.)