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Putting Down Roots

Over the last two years I have had more than one conversation that went like this, “Where exactly is the Chamber Office?”  To that statement I would give an answer usually followed by a response of, “Well didn’t the office used to be located at …?”  Those conversations will soon be over; The City of Central Chamber of Commerce has a new home!  Since the Chamber’s incorporation, we have had several locations but now our moving days will soon be over! 

Last Thursday, March 29th, we signed a purchase agreement on a building that will become the new office location for the City of Central Chamber of Commerce.  Even though we realize that our members and their service to the community are what make up the chamber of commerce, it is going to be exciting and important to have a building that will represent our organizations and its members presence in the community.  Many people say that the Chamber of Commerce is the front door to a community.  For the next several years, people coming into our community will actually have a door to walk through.  Just like the many mighty oak trees in our area, the chamber is putting down its roots and settling in for the long run!  We will keep you informed and when the renovation necessary for moving in are complete we will have a celebration. 

It is an exciting time for the Chamber!  Come on out to our Members, luncheon next Wednesday, April 11, 12 noon at Kristenwood and find out about all that is taking place.  Come join the C4 team!