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This week marks the grandest celebration within all Christendom – the celebration of what Jesus Christ did in His death, burial, and resurrection!

Everyone has been affected at one time or will be affected at some time by the death of someone – a spouse, child, close relative, or dear friend. And the effects of such a loss are profound and deep. But the effect of Jesus’ death is different not just by degree but in kind.

We are inspired by the stories of those who gave their live to preserve the lives of others. These stories come from the battlefields, the accident reports, and the attempts to achieve a grand accomplishment. But the story of Jesus’ death is more than inspirational; it is actually transformational because it is not merely a story. This week we celebrate an event that the Bible reveals to us as having affected our rescue from sin and its bad results. This week we celebrate the event that began the overthrow of all the powers of evil. We celebrate the one event that makes it possible for people to have the hope that comes only from God Himself.

I encourage you to celebrate personally in what Jesus Christ has done. Attending one of the many worthwhile worship services this week would be good. But better yet would be to accept the effect of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as a reality for you personally.

Jeff Stanfill

Covenant Community Church

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