Building Permits Steady During March

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Building permits stayed on a steady pace in the month of March 2012 in the city of Central with a total of 16 new residential permits being issued.  The total valuation of these permits was $3,567,928.00.  
Within these permits, one was issued in Village at Magnolia Square with a building valuation of $376,676; one in Morgan Springs with a valuation of $177,762; three in Village Lakes with an average valuation of $259,791; four in Burlington Lakes valued at an average of $165,414; one in Woodstock valued at $245,552; one in Wisteria Lakes valued at $216,838; and five on private parcels of land with an average valuation of $222,013.   A total of 45 new residential home permits have been issued so far this year.
Building valuation is the price based upon the square footage of the home used for permitting purposes.  The actual selling price of the home is usually higher than the valuation and depends upon amenities installed by the builder.
On the commercial side, three new permits were issued in March.  Cooking in Central applied for a permit for a concrete slab foundation at their new site at 10305 Blackwater Rd.   Carmena’s Collision Center at 18325 Magnolia Bridge Rd applied for a permit for an 860 square foot accessory structure, and also for a 1,900 square foot addition.
In the month of January 2012, Dollar General applied for new building permit at 15105 Greenwell Springs Rd for a new 9,100 square foot store to replace their current location at Greenwell Springs Rd & Sullivan Rd.   Mike Anderson’s also applied for a permit to build a retaining wall at the site of their future location at 14042 Greenwell Springs Rd near Sullivan Rd.
In February 2012, commercial permits were issued for Central Park retail center on Wax Rd next to Sammy’s and for renovations to Central City Shopping Center at 13521 Hooper Rd.
The total commercial permit valuation for all of these projects is $1,180,865.00.