Open Letter to the City of Central

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    On Friday evening, March 23, 2012, my brother, Kyle Simoneaux was in a horrific motorcycle accident at the intersection of Greenwell Springs and Sullivan.  He and two fellow riders were traveling west on Greenwell Springs Road when the driver of a car heading east attempted to make a left hand turn onto Sullivan Road.  With no time to brake, stop or veer away, Kyle and his motorcycle were thrown over the car and landed approximately 50 yards away in the roadway. The second motorcycle rider was able to brake and skid prior to crashing into the same car.  The driver and her children were able to walk away. What a blessing. 
    Our family would like to thank the countless Central Citizens who stopped to offer help.  Kyle’s wife, Becky, was one of the first on the scene where several citizens came and offered assistance; many had already called for help.  The State Police, The First Responders and Firefighters, all did an amazing job assisting each of the three accident victims, their professionalism was beyond reproach.  The compassion shown by everyone, from the Walgreens associate who came out with bottled water, to my neighbor who stayed with Kyle until he was assisted by EMS, to the friends who helped trailer his Harley.  Pastors, Deacons, Parishioners and Youth Ministers at both St. Alphonsus and Journey’s Churches, we thank you.   The prayers have been needed, felt, and answered as after 3 days in ICU and a couple of days stay, Kyle went home today to recover.  Note that speed was not a factor in the wreck. Please:  WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES!
Jeannine Simoneaux Cockerham