Central Residents Added to PEC and SCC Seats

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    Last Saturday, four Central citizens won their respective races for Republican and Democratic committees on the Parish and State levels.  All of these candidates ran against fellow Central residents, with the exception of the Democratic seat.  Brennan Easley was named to Republican State Central Committee 65th District, Subdistrict B over Billy Thompson.  Barry D. Ivey won his race against Jared Smith for RSCC Subdistrict C.  Junior Shelton won the Republican Parish Executive Committee District 4 position over Billy Thompson.  The Democratic State Central Committee 65th District, Office B went to Dalton Honore over Baton Rouge resident Joshua Hollins.  Congratulations to these candidates!
    The Louisiana Presidential Primaries, PEC, and SCC elections are all limited to registered members of the respective political parties.  If you wish to vote in future closed elections like these but are registered as an independent or other party, you may update your political party information with the Louisiana Registrar of Voters.  Visit for more information.