9th Grade Academy Decision Tonight

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    At 6PM tonight at Kristenwood the Central Community School Board is scheduled to vote on changes in the 8th grade class structure and course offerings as well as the short term and long term plan for housing the 9th Grade Academy.  At this special called School Board meeting Superintendent Faulk will make the following proposals:
   8th Grade Changes: The Superintendent will propose doing away with block scheduling in favor of a 7 or 8 period day, as well as implementing other changes to address remediation and advanced placement options.
    Long Term: “I propose that the board president assign the following item to the Facilities/Equipment and Finance Committees to review, discuss and recommend a long term option for permanent facilities to be constructed at Central High School to house the Ninth Grade Academy.”
    Short Term: “Maintain the Ninth Grade Academy on the High School site and address the following areas: a) Remove 4 single temporary classrooms.  b) Move 1 two-classroom temporary building to the tennis court.  c) Lease three new two-classroom temporary buildings and place on tennis courts.  d) Lease one restroom facility and place where the four temporary classrooms were located.  e) Continue leasing two temporary buildings which contain two classrooms each.”
    If approved, these proposals would create a grouping of twelve temporary classrooms and a restroom facility on the High School campus.  These temporary classrooms would serve as the core classroom area for all 9th graders as a temporary solution until additional permanent classroom space can be constructed.  If approved, the construction process for permanent classrooms could be completed within two years.
    Public meetings were held each of the last two Thursday evenings to allow all interested parties to express thier opinions and ask questions about this issue.  Many options were laid out, including housing the 9th Grade at the former Starkey Academy, at the old Central Middle School, at the newly built school complex, or leaving the 9th grade at the High School.  Most speakers, including a large representation from the High School staff and faculty, strongly favored leaving the 9th Grade at the high school.  There will be an opportunity again tonight for anyone to speak on this matter before the School Board votes on the Superintendent’s proposals.