Lacrosse Comes to Central!

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    “What’s Lacrosse?” you may wonder.  Lacrosse has its origins as a Native American sport, played for the glory and honor of the tribe.  It is played mostly in the U.S. and Canada.  A small hard rubber ball and a stick, called a “crosse” or “lacrosse” stick, are the only equipment required.  The lacrosse stick has a small net on its top end, used to capture the ball and then throw it.  Scores occur when the ball is thrown into the opponent’s goal, much like hockey or soccer, using the stick to pass, catch, and carry it.  Defensively, naturally, the goal is to prevent such scoring through the use of stick checking and body contact.  Due to this, helmets and padding are required safety equipment.
    Coach Jeff Jones was initially approached by Cole Devillier and Holden Keating about sponsoring a lacrosse team.  “I’d never heard of lacrosse,” Coach Jones said with a smile, “I’m a former basketball coach!”  Seeing how motivated the students were, Coach polled students during Club Day, and 50 students expressed interest.  “We ended up with 17 students on the team,” said Coach.  
    During one of their first practices, 2 men stopped by and asked what they were doing.  When informed, they enthusiastically offered to help coach.  Thus Central gained the expertise of Coach Graham Bolton and Coach Jeff King, who have been “fantastic!” according to Coach Jones.  They have volunteered their expertise and experience to get Central’s team up and running.
    The Wildcats held their first scrimmage last Saturday against Dutchtown.  Coach Jones shared, “We had LOTS of fans out there, and everyone had a great time.”  Channel 9 News even came out and filmed the game.   Lacrosse is a fast-paced, action filled game that is really exciting to watch.  Central, Dutchtown and Catholic are working to form a local league.   Since it is still in the developmental stages at Central, the Wildcats will hold only 2 more events – one in Mandeville, and one in Covington.  It would be great if fans could travel to support these enthusiastic players.  Central will return next year with most of its players, so great improvements are expected.
    Pictured Above:  Front row: Holden Keating, Cole Devillier, Justin Blanchard, Austin McCutcheon, Cody Aucoin, Michael Shaffer, Justin Brocata, Coach Jones;  Back Row: Coach Jeff King, Trent Butler, Brandon Munley, Terrell Stubbs, Tyler Coleman, Matt Terrio, Chaz King, Roy Chavalitlekha, Colton Wilson;  Not pictured: Jake David
Photo by Mrs. Jones