The C4 Report

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    Good things are going on! “What, don’t you see all that is going on around you?”  So much of life is about perspective.  For instance, I often find myself lamenting the traffic flow in Central. However, this past week I had the privilege of attending the Oklahoma University’s Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence (CCCE) Conference held in Dallas.  You know, after a week in Dallas Central’s traffic doesn’t seem so bad! 
    The purpose of the CCCE conference is to provide chamber executives, from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, the opportunity to hear from highly successful leaders in the chamber industry and to receive information to help improve on their local chamber’s operations.  It was encouraging to find out how many things we are doing right but I was also challenged by hearing of ways we can improve and things we can add to take our chamber to a higher level of excellence.  Much of the conference focused on operations, functions, and activities of the chamber.  Many chambers are focusing on the following three primary areas: Economic Development (Education falling under this category), Governmental Affairs, and Networking.  Thus, back to perspective and good thing going on!
    As I listened to many Chamber Executives talk, I was thankful to live in the community of Central and to be associated with our chamber and its members.  We live in a community that was started for the purpose of making education for future generations a priority, or local government supports the economic growth and prosperity of our local businesses, and we have several opportunities as a chamber membership to network together.  Though we can always find ways to improve, in all these areas, it can also be very easy to take what we have for granted.   While many communities are facing serious struggles, we have a tremendous opportunity to still shape our future.  So for this week’s C4 Report I want to thank our members, our board of directors, and our community for being so fantastic.  We have a lot of good things going on!