CMS Announces Science Fair Winners

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Submitted by Susan Watts
    Central Middle School held their Science Fair on February 10, 2012.  The science fair was a huge success with many students earning trophies in several different categories.  The overall winner was Cameron Wethey.     
    The winners by category are as follows, for 8th grade:  Physical Science:  1st place- Lucas Carraway, 2nd place- Brent Schyler, 3rd place- Lucas LeCoq;  Engineering:  1st place- Taylor Schlatre, 2nd place- Jack Alderman, 3rd place Morgan Negroni;  Life Science:  1st place- Tad Richard, 2nd place- Griffin Smith, 3rd place- Micah Fontenot;  Earth and Environmental Science:  1st place- Sarah Jones, 2nd place- Jordyn Graham, 3rd place-  Kathryn Mancuso;  Behavioral and Social Science:  1st place- Kimberly Braud, 2nd place- Alexis David, 3rd place- Morgan Thomas
    7th Grade:  Physical Science:  1st  Jared Elliot, 2nd – Savannah McCarty, 3rd – Brady Jones;  Life Science:  1st  Jayce Hamilton, 2nd Kam'ron Bihm, 3rd  Sarah Batrous;  Engineering:  1st  Alexis Taylor, 2nd Vaylen Clark, 3rd Kelsie Bourgeois;  Earth/ Environmental:  1st Eric Grimmer, 2nd Darrian Bozeman, 3rd Coby Fry;  Behavioral:  1st Destinee White, 2nd Sarah Wells, 3rd Annie Gonzalas.