CHS 2011-12 Seniors Prepare for their Senior Project Presentations

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 Bayley Boles practicing for her presentations

Central High School has joined many area as well as nationally top-ranked high schools in making the Senior Project an important element of the senior year.  Students will have the opportunity to face and overcome some of the challenges they will experience in the next phase of their education and in the workplace. This project allows each student to select and research a topic of his choice, and complete a research paper, portfolio, and product on that topic. Local businesses have participated in the project by volunteering to help as Community Mentors.  All project components will be presented together for evaluation by a panel of judges drawn from community leaders, professionals, and educators on March 13 and March 14. Principal Bob Wales is “excited because it allows students the opportunity to find out something they might want to do as a career or something they didn’t want to do, and both are valuable.”   Rachel Brown-Pino is confident that "the Senior Project Presentations have prepared me for college," and Jason Johnson recognizes that this is a "fantastic way to prepare for a career."