Central Bowling Upsets Undefeated Catholic High

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Central High Varsity Bowling (6-4) proved Monday (3-5-12) that they have arrived and can bowl with the best teams around.  Not only did the Wildcats up their winning streak to 6 matches, but they upset the previously undefeated Catholic High Bears (8-1); the first time in Central’s bowling program history that they have pulled off a victory against Catholic. 

Game 1 started off like most of the matches between Catholic and Central, with Catholic taking a commanding lead.  Catholic would take an early 6-2 advantage and lead Total Pins by 76.  Catholic’s strong bowling was led by Curtis Westmoland with a 215 and Mike Zielewski with a 186.  Central was led by Team Captain Bryan Waites (Junior) with a 219, but it would take more than just one bowler to get back into the match.  Fortunately, Game 2 saw the Wildcats put together one of the most balanced games of the season en route to their 3rd high game series of the season with a 1006.  The Wildcats were once again led by Waites (193), followed by Alex David (Junior) with a 191, Sean Murphy (Sophomore) with a 185, Kevin Kennedy (Sophomore) with a 175 and Jacob Garretson (Freshman) with a 175.  Central would ride the good scores to a 6-2 Game 2 finish.  Catholic’s Team Captain would do his best to keep the match close with Westmoland rolling a 248.  Going into the final game the score couldn’t have been any closer, with the score tied up at 8-8 and Catholic up only 3 pins overall.

A month earlier Catholic and Central were tied 8-8 after 2 games and Catholic ran away with the third game, winning the match 18-9.  But once again, this is different Wildcat team than one that bowled Catholic a month ago.  Central came out swinging in Game 3 and dominated Catholic throughout the final game.  Garretson led the Wildcat attack with a 232, with Waites adding a 188 and Murphy chipping in a 185.  In the end, the Wildcats would win the match by the final score of 17-10 and 2884 to 2788 in Total Pins.  Overall, Central was led by Waites with a 600 series (his 2nd straight 600+ series), Garretson with a 545, Murphy added a 527 (his 3rd straight 500+ series) and Kennedy finished with a 500 (his first 500 series ever).

Central’s coaches have been looking forward to this match for awhile and called it Central’s match of the year.  And judging by the fan support the Wildcats received from parents, students and friends cheering the team on, it must have been a big match!  The Wildcats took Catholic’s best punch and responded tremendously.  In fact, Catholic’s 2788 team series was a season high for the Bears and Central topped that by almost 100 pins.  Central is now set up to receive a good playoff seed if they are able to defeat Woodlawn (1-8) and Baton Rouge High (1-7) in the final two matches of the season.  Central has defeated both schools already this season.  Central goes for 7 in-a-row against Woodlawn on Thursday (3-8-12) at All Star Lanes (3:20pm).