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Things come so easy to some folks. Don't you just hate those people? Wait… scratch that. What I mean to say  is… “Bless their hearts!” Things coming easily have never really been a big problem for me. To obtain any semblance of  mastery over  anything has always taken much practice and then probably even more practice. That's not necessarily always a bad thing though, is it? Take our spiritual journey for instance. Although portions of our spiritual growth will seem to come with relative ease, surrendering ourselves fully to Christ can prove to become a herculean task. Can I get a witness?

Here's a suggestion that may help, and it involves practice.  I term it: “the practice of adding more”. I know, who wants to add more to their already packed lives? Trust me, it will help. Here are a few that I attempt to practice: more time alone with your Savior (this must be with purpose); more of unplugging from the noise of this world so that it is actually possible to hear God's voice; more energy spent in sincere searching rather than just sight-seeing; and more sacrificial giving. Believe me, most of us have to practice “adding more” because it doesn't come easy. It can however be a tremendous blessing in our walk as disciples of Christ.

Peace eludes us because all too often we fail to practice our faith.


Comite Baptist 

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