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Words of encouragement from the Central Area Pastors' Association

It is the end of February and I have to be honest about my recovery from the disappointments of the final weeks of the football season, it is still a work in progress. Vernon Davis sent the Saints packing and we all know what happened in the Super Dome. Chants of “wait till next year” offer little comfort and to be honest, I lack the courage to place my hope in an adage that has proven to be less than reliable.

Sports, especially football, in south Louisiana are more than an idle past time; it is a full blown passion. We encouraged our children to participate in athletics knowing that the demands made upon the individual to be a part of a team was healthy psychologically. Our oldest son did play football at Terrebonne High and our youngest played drums in the band. We remember those years fondly.

Whether talking about family, church, vocation, or, what is needed for a community to be successful, the formula is the same; get everyone pulling in the same direction for the good of the whole. That is easier said than done and it gets even tougher to accomplish when opposition arises. Our Old Testament friend Nehemiah, the cup bearer turned reformer, reminds us that disappointments are more easily faced in a group setting and victories are better shared by the many instead of the one.

In seven months or so our hopes will rise again when Tiger Rag once again fills the stadium and chants of LSU are heard everywhere. Till then we have many opportunities to work for the good of our people and community in spite of opposition or disappointment.


Pastor Bill Parsons

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