C4 Report

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Why the C4 ?

The mission of the City of Central Chamber of Commerce shall be to guide, inspire, and promote the business and professional interests of its members and to enhance the economic, cultural and recreational opportunities for the citizens of Central.  To help represent this mission, in the fall of 2010 we introduced a new logo for the Central Chamber, the letter “C” attached to the number 4 thus creating “The Power of C4”.  Many have asked, “What does C4 represent?”  First, it stands for the 4 “C”s in our name the City of Central Chamber of Commerce.  Secondly, it represents 4 of the areas that we are focusing on: Commerce (area businesses’ growth and stability), Community (overall quality of life), Civic (churches, government, and other such organizations), and Education (PRE K-12th grade and beyond – and yes, I know, it’s an “E” not a “C”).  Finally, C4 represents the power that comes through the cooperative efforts of many.  Normally C4 stands for a type of powerful explosive.   Through networking, dedication, and volunteerism of our membership the City of Central Chamber of Commerce is becoming a powerful resource to the business and local community and others.

The Chamber has Active and Associate Memberships available for businesses and individuals as well as extending honorary status to many of our churches and civic organizations.  You can check us out at our website: or call the office at 261-5818. Contact us to find out how to have “The Power of C4 at work for you”!