Voters Limit Taxes

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By Dave Freneaux
The 1/2 cent sales tax dedicated to building the new Central Middle School will end once the debt on the school is paid off.  Voters Saturday overwhelmingly approved a scheduled end to this sales tax in about 18 years.  This vote permanently corrects an error which resulted in the voters approving a "perpetual" tax in 2009 rather than a tax which only paid for the Middle School.  This item was put to a vote of the people of Central in keeping with the understanding that the taxpayers need to be told what their tax dollars will fund, and that those tax dollars should be used only for that purpose.  If and when there is a need to build or enlarge Central's schools, that request will have to be brought to the people for a vote.
In a statewide amendment on the ballot, voters also overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment which blocked a tax on real estate sales.  The only other items on most Central ballots elected Beau Clark as EBR Parish Coroner and Chas Roemer to the Besse Board.