Good News for a Great City

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An Editorial by Dave Freneaux

    You may have noticed the new CentralSpeaks.com masthead which includes the tag line “Good News for a Great City”.  You will be seeing this every week in CentralSpeaks.com.  You will also see this theme reflected in articles we print each week.  Let me explain:

    GOOD NEWS: All of us at CentralSpeaks.com are committed to bringing quality, honest, unbiased news to our readers, and we call a commitment to journalistic integrity “Good News”.  We also understand that not everything newsworthy that happens in Central is pleasant, and we will continue to report burglaries, hardship, and other unfortunate news items.  The “Good News” in those instances is almost always the spirit of the people of Central as they rise up and work together to meet the difficult times.  Finally, after publishing over 3,000 articles since 2008, CentralSpeaks.com recognizes that the overwhelming majority of what happens in Central is truly GOOD news.  Our schools, service organizations, businesses, and our City leaders are consistently going about the business of doing GOOD things, and that is the “Good News” we all want to read about every week.

    A Great City: I have said and written many times that I believe Central is the greatest place on earth to live and raise a family.  I believe that, because my family has seen it first hand for five generations in Central.  This IS a Great City.  It is not a perfect City, nor has this community solved all of the issues involved in creating a city from scratch.  We disagree, and then find common ground.  We want different things for this community, and then find fair compromise.  We argue, then remember that we are first friends and neighbors and we learn to accept our differences.  The measure of a Great City is not what we do when everything is settled and we all agree, the measure of a Great City is how we act toward one another when there is disagreement and conflicting ideas.  I believe Central IS a “Great City”.  Pick up CentralSpeaks.com each week, read all of the “Good News for a Great City” and see if you agree.