Libraries Celebrating Banned Book Week

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Submitted by Tiffany Whitehead

This week is Banned Books Week and libraries across the country are celebrating the freedom to read by reading books that have been challenged or banned in libraries across the country. You can read more about Banned Books Week here on the American Library Association website.
This summer I learned about an amazing resource called StorySnoops. A group of mothers have compiled an incredible database of book reviews and reading resources for tweens and teens. Through blogging and Twitter, I have gotten to know these incredible ladies and I was honored when they asked to interview me in the spirit of Banned Books Week. I was beside myself when I learned that I would be part of a series that interviewed Judy Blume, Meg Cabot, and a few other blogging librarians. My interview was the first to appear, and it went up this Saturday. You can visit their blog and read my interview by clicking here. Their site is If you visit their blog you will see a new interview added each day this week, including one with Judy Blume!
I hope you take a few moments this week to remember a book that influenced your life as a child, then imagine what it would have been like if that book were banned and never found its way into your hands. We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to read what we want regardless of the opinions of others!