Central Karate Goes to World Championships

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Submitted by Sean Treme

On the weekend of August the 7th Central Karate’s students and instructors traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the 11th annual Tang Soo Do World Championship. The competition included competitors from several countries including – The United States, Mexico, Korea, Costa Rica, Wales, Germany, Paraguay and Portugal. The school brought ten students and families to Orlando under the guidance of their teachers Ivan Nevels and Sean Kennedy (co-owners of Central Karate). The trip was a huge success; all ten students who attended received at least one medal. In all the school brought home twenty-three medals. “We went to Orlando hoping to represent the community of Central on a world stage, learn something about ourselves and have fun. I think we did all of those things” said Sean Treme’ (Red Belt 1st degree).” It was a awesome experience seeing all the different countries and states represented and the competition was great also” said Teomakia Valentine Mo ther Of Willie and Tiyana). The students raised money to make the trip during the year with numerous fundraisers at various locations in the community of Central. They had fundraisers at Wal-Mart, candy sales, shirt sales, raffles, and plate lunches and all were well received by the people, and businesses of Central. There is no way we could have made this trip the success it was without Central supporting us, to every person and business that helped us in some way thank you. We returned home World champions!

Special thanks to the following people for going above and beyond in they’re assistance to us: Keith and Jodi Fryoux, Dottie Hildalgo, Shannon Dawson, and Craig Pike. Tang Soo!

We would like to show our appreciation for the following sponsors:
1. 84 Lumber Company
2. Brain Freeze Snowballs
3. Bubbles and Suds Carwash
4. Buquet & Leblanc
5. Benny’s Automotive
6. CCR Fire
7. Cross Threads
8. Crossfire Paintball Range
9. Extreme Turf
10. Fox’s Pizza Den
11. Feliciana Chiropractic
12. GM Cable Contractors Inc.
13. Hathorn Builders
14. Jerry Lee’s Kwik Shop
16. Oak Point Fresh Market
17. Paradise Smoothies
18. PriceCo Supply
19. Spectrum Health and Fitness
20. Viguerie Homes

The following students competed and won in the following events:
1. Nicholas Handy Gold in Forms, and Bronze in Sparring
2. Chelsi Jenkins Silver Medals in Sparring, and Forms
3. Quinn McMahon Bronze in Board Breaking bronze in Forms, and Silver in Sparring
4. Brent Helouin Gold Medals in Forms, Board Breaking, and Sparring
5. Martin Helouin Bronze Medals in Froms and Breaking
6. Sean Treme’ Gold Medal in Board Breaking, Bronze Medal in Forms
7. Josh Treme’ Bronze Medal in Forms
8. Willie Valentine Gold Medals in Forms and Board Breaking, Bronze in sparring
9. Tiyana Valentine Gold Medal in Forms and Board Breaking Bronze in sparring
10. Anthony Williston Bronze in Board Breaking