CCSS Schools Will Have Holiday on Election Day

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From Superintendent Faulk

   On Tuesday, November 2nd a statewide General Election will be held.  Four of our schools are being used as voting sites.  The Election Office asked about the possibility of not having school on that date. 

    A discussion was had between the Superintendent and the school principals, and it was decided that November 2nd will be a school holiday for students.  Rather than add minutes to the school day, the schools will host Parent/Teacher Conferences for all grade levels on November 2nd.

    Regular school days will be held on Friday, October 28th and Friday, March 25th, which were originally scheduled as Parent/Teacher Conferences for specific grade levels.  All of those conferences will now be held on November 2nd.

    Mr. Faulk says that this alternative would be the least disruptive for the schools and Election Day.  Please make note of this change on your school calendars.