CHS Football Team Robbed- Donations Being Accepted

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By Beth Fussell 

During last Friday’s home game against St. Paul, the Central High football lockers were broken into and burglarized.  Personal belongings of many of the players were stolen, including electronics and other valuables.  The lockers were opened by cutting the locks, and some prints were found by the Deputies on the locks.  It is possible that some players may be asked by the Sheriff’s Office to supply fingerprints so that the players’ prints can be identified and ruled out of the investigation.  If you know anything about this crime, or if you saw anyone coming or going from Central High School during the game (abut 6-10 p.m.), please notify the Sheriff’s Office at 389-5177.  The file number is 10-63386.

    Because we live in a community of generous people, there have been many inquiries as to how the public can help.  Several businesses have quickly come forward and offered to accept donations to be given to the players in the hopes that their stolen possessions can be replaced.  You can donate to the football players at Central Drug Store (Hooper at Sullivan), Computer Evolutions (Wax at Sullivan), Wireless Unlimited (Wax at Sullivan), or Ross Tire (Greenwell Springs at Sullivan).  The donation containers may be kept behind the counter to prevent theft.