Grace Presbyterian’s Fall Bible Conference

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Grace Presbyterian Church, located at 9526 Joor Road, will be hosting a Fall Bible Conference next Friday, September 17th.  The theme for the conference is “Contending for the Faith in the Age of Inclusiveness.”  Rev. Clete Hux will be the speaker.  Rev. Hux is an ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America.  He pastured churches from 1981-1990 and then was on staff at Watchman Fellowship for 11 years before joining Apologetics Resource Center.   “Apologetics” means to give an answer or defense for the Christian faith.  Clete heads up the ministry’s answer to cults and new religious movements.  He works with churches and individuals in providing a defense for a witness to the mission field of the cults, which has become the largest yet least evangelized mission field in the world.  The conference schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 17:

6:00 PM: Covered Dish Meal

7:00 PM: Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Gospel

Saturday, September 18:

9:00 AM: Islamic Religion 1

10:30 AM: Islamic Religion 2

Sunday, September 19:

9:15 AM: Hinduism and New Age Movement 1

10:45 AM: Defense of the Faith

6:00 PM: Hinduism and New Age Movement 2

For more information, call Grace Presbyterian Church at 261-0890.