School Hosting Virtual Debate for School Board Candidates

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In the interest of giving the community relevant information about each School Board candidate, is holding a “Virtual Debate.”  In the Virtual Debate, each participating candidate will be given the opportunity to ask two questions of his or her opponent and to answer these same two questions themselves.  Questions will be limited to 20 words each, and each response will be limited to 100 words.  Candidates were sent an invitation this week to participate in the Virtual Debate.  Each participating candidate will submit their two questions for their opponent next week.  Two weeks from now, on September 16th, will print each candidate’s questions and responses online and in the newspaper.  Each candidate will have a total of four responses to submit- the answers to the two questions they wrote as well as the two their opponents wrote.  The Virtual Debate is being done in an effort to present a fair opportunity for candidates to ask each other questions and to clarify their own positions without any bias from an outside source. 

Any candidate whose opponent chooses not to participate will be allowed to ask and answer their own two questions.  Candidates who are running unopposed will not be participating in the debate, as they have already been guaranteed their respective School Board positions.

Candidates running opposed have also been asked to submit a short biography for publishing.  Look for candidate bios in the paper and online in the near future, and look for the Virtual Debate to be published on Thursday, September 16th.