Lane Regional Medical Center Honors Long Time Employees

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Submitted by Delores Sutton

Lane Regional Medical Center recognized 49 long-term employees for their years of service at the semi-annual Service Awards Luncheon on Thursday, August 19.

“Lane is very fortunate to have such loyal and dedicated employees,” said Randy Olson, CEO.  We thank you for your continued support and commitment to the hospital, to the patients, and to the community.”

“On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, I welcome the opportunity to express sincere thanks and appreciation to each of you,” added Dell Guerra, Board Chair.

The following employees were recognized for years of service to the hospital:

Brenda Russell – 25 years of service.

Dean Behrnes, David Broussard, Jonelle Ducote, Marge Duplantis, Carolyn Ferguson, Pam Forbes, Lynn Golden, Lori Hopwood, Kathy Matthews, Barbara McCurley, Lisa Miller, Laura Peel, Jorenda Thornton and Lynn Carter-Toler – 20 years of service. 

Patricia Dillon, Mary Gunter, Tammy Kilcrease-Lemire, Mildred Mullins and Nona Rogers – 15 years of service.

Stacy Ashford, Carolyn Craft, Kristie Edwards, Sandra Eldridge, Kim Gerage, Kim Jones, Mary Krumholt, Dottie Monistere, Julia Rice, Cristy Walker and Kathy Williams – 10 years of service. 

Mechie Cain, Rochell, Calvey, Kyle Hargroder, Missy Jester, Wilnethia Keller, Valerie Loupe, Lori Miley, Huey Nguyen, Amy Olinde, Kristen Peel, Tatum Pendergist, Tami Roddy, Louis Scoby, Bonnie Stirling, Jessica Turner, Angel Washington, Amanda Welch and Ingrid Williams – 5 years of service.

Photos: 25 years – left to right: Dell Guerra, Brenda Russell (25 years) & Randy Olson

20 years – left to right: David Broussard, Carolyn Ferguson, Jorenda Thornton, Lori Hopwood, Barbara McCurley, Marge Duplantis and Lynn Carter-Toler

15 years – left to right: Patricia Dillon, Nona Rogers and Tammy Kilcrease-Lemire

10 years – left to right: Carolyn Craft, Stacy Ashford, Dottie Monistere, Julia Rice, Kim Jones, Cristy Walker and Sandra Eldridge.

5 years – left to right: Ingrid Williams, Kyle Hargroder, Rochell Calvey, Missy Jester, Lori Miley, Angel Washington, Louis Scoby, Valerie Loupe, Amanda Welch, Huey Nguyen, Jessica Turner, Wilnethia Keller and Mechie Cain.