Treasure Hunt Sabotage Foiled by

By  | and the Chamber of Commerce designed the Treasure Hunt in the hope that it would do several things: provide some entertainment, share some facts about Central's history, bring foot traffic into Central businesses, and, most importantly, raise money for Central's Relay for Life.

One person, who we feel does not represent the character of most Central citizens, has taken it upon themselves to sabotage the Treasure Hunt by removing some information from the Central Library that is vital to solving some of the clues.  Pages were removed from several binders containing information about Central's history.  By doing so, this person has not only hindered the ability of others to participate in the hunt, but has also taken pieces of Central history from their proper place where they can be viewed by everyone.  This sort of mean-spirited gesture is not what the Treasure Hunt is all about- it is meant to be a fun activity to benefit a charity.  We are disappointed that this happened, and we will be sure in next year's Treasure Hunt that we avoid the possibility of this sort of sabotage. 

We request that whoever took the missing pages from the library return them to the library.  If you would prefer, you may also go to the office at 12023 Sullivan Road and leave the missing pages anonymously in the slot in the red drop box on the side of the building, and we will return the pages for you.  If you have hidden the pages elsewhere in the library, please retore them to their proper locations in the binders.

Due to this issue, we will be including the answers to Clue #'s 4, 7, and 10 in the final Clue so that no one is at a disadvantage.  Furthermore, you will have until this Saturday evening to solve the Treasure Hunt, so you have plenty of time to finish working through the clues.  By solving the final clue, you will find yourself in possession of a phone number.  You will need to call this number Saturday evening and give us Saturday's winning Power Ball numbers in order to win the Hunt.  This way, we avoid a physical race to win, and no one gets hurt or gets a speeding ticket. 

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Treasure Hunt and to all of the businesses who contributed.  The final clue is available beginning on Wednesday, and the Hunt will end on Saturday evening.