Thank You from A Baseball Mom

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Often we can see the best of people in the little things.  Two years ago, the Central High Baseball concession stand was vandalized.  The Central sports teams work very hard to build great teams on and off the field.  Everything these teams have is very important to them.  Not only did the vandals trash the place, but they took it a step further and destroyed the laptop that was used for the team.  With very little money to spare and so many things needed, the idea of getting another laptop was not very likely. 

When approached, Mr. Aaron Moak stepped up to the plate.  The baseball team was given a laptop.  I love to hear about when the people of Central step in to help when they can.  Thank you Aaron for seeing something that you can do to make a change and doing it.  Did this solve all the problems in the Central Community?  No.  Did this get Aaron tons of business or even profit him in any way? No.  Yet Aaron, like so many others, took something he had and planted it….and with that we hope the carefree, helping spirit will continue to grow.  This little gift did solve a big problem for our baseball team and I pray that by giving without expecting anything in return, Mr. Moak and his business will profit.  Perhaps during a time where we are more entertained in breaking people or tearing down, perhaps if we could choose to build people up then we could have the City that we desire to have…. maybe even one little laptop at a time.

-A Baseball Mom