Just the Facts

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By Dave Freneaux

As promised, will always try to present the whole truth of every matter as best as we are able to determine that truth.  If we err, correct us, if we miss something, inform us.  Now, a few facts.
Fact: Council Member Moak requested that the Council delay acting on the appointment of an Ethics Committee until a resolution could be drawn up by he and Council Member Messina which would outline the slection criteria for members and define the assigned task.  Such a resolution would then be discussed, ammended and voted on by the full Council.  Mr. Moak expressed that his research led him to the conclusion that in order to avoid even the appearance of impropriety or political motives that elected and appointed officials, and current and immediate past candidates for political office should be disallowed form serving on an Ethics Committee.  Council Member Moak made it clear that he would not vote to place such persons, which would include himslef, on an Ethics Committee.  Mr. Moak does not have the authority, nor did he in fact, disallow anyone from serving on an Ethics Committee.  The legislative branch of Central's government is the City Council and no action can be taken by the Council without a majority vote in favor of that action.
Fact: Mr. Tommy Higgs, the former manager of CH2M HILL in Central, and Central's Mayor Mac Watts were subponaed to testify in the trial of Community Press vs CH2M HILL.  That trial never occurred since the Judge dismissed the case before a trial was ever held, granting CH2M HILL's petition for summary judgment.  The reason Mr. Higgs and Mayor Watts were not requred to testify is not because anyone left the state or refused to answer questions.  The reason they have not testified is that there was indeed no trial ever held.