Community Print Edition Moving to Thursdays

By  | has been printing a newspaper version on Wednesdays for the past few months.  Beginning this week, however, the print day is being moved to Thursdays.  We have assessed the weekly news cycle in Central and have decided that, because of the timing of news submission from the community and because of City Council, Thursdays are a better fit for a publishing day.  City Council meetings are a major factor in this decision.  Council meetings happen every other Tuesday, and these meetings are an important source of news and information to the people of Central. would like to be able to give more time to researching and writing up what happens at City Council and at Monday School Board meetings, so a Wednesday afternoon deadline for a Thursday morning paper is ideal. 

Please look for the print edition in the usual places every Thursday beginning this week.  This also means that the Treasure Hunt kick off is being moved back to this Friday, July 23rd instead of this Wednesday.