Treasure Hunt Begins Next Week- $1,000 Grand Prize

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The First Annual Charity Treasure Hunt sponsored by the Central Chamber of Commerce begins next week on Wednesday, July 21st.  There will be one grand prize at the end of the hunt worth $1,000.  The Treasure Hunt will last for four weeks, with three clues given each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The 24 participating businesses will each be donating a prize, worth at least $25, and $40 in cash.  The prizes will be actual items or services, not coupons or percentages off.  All of the donated prizes, along with $400 of the money, will become the “Treasure” for the hunt. The remaining funds will be donated to charity. 

Every week for the next four weeks, the paper and website will list all of the locations for that week where clues can be picked up.  Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during that time, two Central businesses will be given that day’s clue to be picked up by members of the community.  The clues will not be given to the businesses ahead of time, so that no one may gain an unfair advantage.  Everyone may choose one of the two featured businesses to visit for that day’s clue.  When you go to retrieve your clue, you will have the opportunity to make a donation to the Central Relay for Life.  These donations will not be mandatory, and the business will not be required to ask you for a donation.  There will instead be a collection container where you will have the option of leaving your donation in exchange for a clue.  The suggested donation is $2 per clue, though you may leave any amount you wish.

All of the donated money from the clues will go directly to the Central Relay for Life, a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, which is happening on October 23rd this year.  The American Cancer Society funds cancer research and support resources for those affected by the disease.  The Relay, aside from being a fundraiser, is also an opportunity to honor and remember those who have fought cancer in our community.  Everyone has in some way been affected by this disease, whether personally or through a friend or family member, so this is an opportunity to donate to a cause to which everyone in our city can relate.

Each day’s clue will build upon the solution to the previous clue, so you must retrieve all of the clues in order to solve the puzzle and find the treasure.  All participating businesses will keep a supply of their clues on hand so that, if you miss a clue or two or if you join in late, you can still visit the businesses you missed to pick up what you missed.

This Treasure Hunt has several purposes.  First, it is a fun activity and an opportunity to learn some things about Central that you may not have known before the hunt.  Second, it provides some exposure for local businesses in the form of walk-in traffic from community members.  Third, and most importantly, the Treasure Hunt will raise money for the Central Relay for Life, a charity that impacts nearly everyone in our city and around the country.

The rules are few and simple.  Anyone of any age may participate, though owners and employees are not allowed to join in the hunt.   More than one person may work together, though only one “Treasure” will be found at the end of the hunt.  You will need to visit 12 of the 24 businesses during the course of the Treasure Hunt to claim all of the clues.  You may enter the hunt late, but you will still need to retrieve every clue in order to claim the treasure.  It will not necessarily be any disadvantage to you if you join the hunt late or pick up a clue a little after other people.  The only clue where timeliness will be an issue is the last one, though the final clue will not be able to be solved until the day after it is made available, to avoid any conflicts.  The first person to claim the treasure after the final clue has been given will receive the treasure in its entirety. is taking into consideration the safety of all participants, so the final clue will be given in such a way so as to avoid any physical race or conflict.  Furthermore, no one will be asked to trespass on private property or to do anything else illegal.

Please consider participating in the hunt, as it is for a good cause, and don’t forget to check the paper or the website next Wednesday, July 21st for the first list of clue locations.