Legislative Auditor Looking at Central School System

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During the July 12th School Board meeting a reference was made to an audit being done by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.  When asked about the audit, System Superintendent Faulk provided the following press release:

Following last night’s School Board meeting, I received inquiries concerning a reference made to an audit. The School Board’s financial records are required to be audited at the end of each fiscal year. The records for the fiscal year which ended June 30, 2010 will be audited over the next few months by the accounting firm of Hannis T. Bourgeois, as the financial records for the previous fiscal years have been.

Additionally, the Legislative Auditor’s Office , which according to its website oversees more than 3,500 audits of state and local governments and their related quasi-public enterprises, has over the past several weeks been reviewing School Board records. The School Board’s staff and I have and will continue to facilitate the Legislative Auditor’s review of the School Board’s records.

The financial audit is expected to be completed by early December. Once completed the financial audit will be presented at the School Board meeting, copies of the financial audit will be available for public inspection and the financial audit will be posted on the School Board’s website. Additionally, in the event the Legislative Auditor issues a report, that report will be made available for public inspection and posted on the School Board’s website.

Audits and reviews often result in recommendations to strengthen control systems and/or improve efficiency. The School Board and its staff are committed to implementation of controls to ensure the efficient management the public’s resources.

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