Central Schools Pioneer Marty Guilbeau Not Seeking Re-Election

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By Dave Freneaux

Ten years ago an independent school system for Central began as the vision of Marty Guilbeau, Jon and Kristy Simmons, Bodi White, Russell Starns and Wyndi Bonvillain.  Four years ago Mr. Guilbeau was appointed to serve on the first School Board for the Central Community School System and was re-elected two years ago to serve through 2010.  Now, after ten years of service, Mr. Guilbeau has decided not to run for another four year term.
When reached for comment, Mr. Guilbeau shared that he would have loved nothing more than to serve another term and follow through with the educational and facility improvements which have begun during his term on the School Board.  However, he explained that "the past several years have been a constant struggle to do what I feel is best for the school system and the children in the face of resistance from the majority of the School Board".  Mr. Guilbeau suggests that anyone wishing to understand his frustration should view the video of the June 28th School Board meeting which can be seen at using key word search "CCSS".
Marty Guilbeau is owed a debt of gratitude from everyone who now, and in the future, benefits from the very existence of the Central Community School System.


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