Governor Jindal Visits Cornerstone Fellowship

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Photo by Abby Couvillion.  An incorrect credit was printed in the print edition for this photo.  Our apologies to Mrs. Couvillion.

The members of Cornerstone Fellowship on Blackwater Road were excited to welcome Governor Bobby Jindal to their church last Sunday, June 27th.  The Governor came to speak at the church's 10:00 a.m. worship service.  He has made several similar visits to Central churches in the recent past.

Governor Jindal announced during the service that he, along with other Gulf Coast governors, had proclaimed last Sunday to be a Day of Prayer for the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.  Please continue to pray for the millions of people and animals, along with the coast itself, that have been affected by this ongoing oil spill.

Governor Jindal is pictured above with Cornerstone Pastor Dick Metz.

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