CCSS Board Meeting Summary- June 28

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By Dave Freneaux

The Central Community School Board met from 4PM until almost 8PM on Monday, June 28th.  There were two items discussed which will be addressed in a separate article- click here for the JUST THE FACTS article.  From 4-6 PM there were four, 30 minute, opportunities for the public to view and make comments on all budgets for the next fiscal year, including the general budget, food service budget, and budgets for school renovations and the construction of new schools.  One Central citizen attended a portion of one session and had several questions answered.  The regular 6PM School Board meeting featured the following actions:
In employment issues, the board appointed 24 new employees, extended employment for three others, accepted two resignations, non-renewed one contract, rescinded one retirement, reassigned six employees and granted tenure to 169 employees.  The 2010-2011 Employee Handbook was received for review and the job description and salary was approved for a school system Purchasing/Property Control Agent.
In financial and building matters, the Board approved an offer to purchase 5 acres of land connecting the new school property to Devall road, giving the school complex another entrance/exit for traffic.  The Board also extended the bid date for new school construction by one week to accomodate the needs of potential bidders due to time pressures beyond their control.  This action will not delay the bid approval process.  There was a $21,454 Change Order to replace 41 light fixtures in the CHS gym due to the expense of repairing old existing fixtures and the better lighting and financial savings which will result from the installation of newer technology.

Finally, new School Board committee structures were approved, and 2010-2011 budgets were accepted.  The School Board then went into executive session to conduct the Superintendent's yearly evaluation.

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