City Council Honors Lansing and Ross, Welcomes LoBue and Messina

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By Dave Freneaux

The Central City Council met Tuesday evening in what would be the final Council meeting for Joan Lansing and Lucky Ross.  Tony LoBue and Wayne Messina will join the Council as newly elected Councilmen beginning July 1st.  After transacting business, including the approval of the 2010-2011 budget, (See City Council Business under "Gov't"), Councilmen Aaron Moak and Louis DeJohn introduced Resolutions recognizing the service and dedication of Councilwoman Lansing and Councilman Ross.  Theses resolutions were met with standing ovations form the packed meeting hall and were unanimously approved by the Council.  Indeed the City of Central does owe a debt of gratitude for the years of selfless service given by these two outstanding citizens of Central.
The Council Meeting concluded with the swearing in of all five Councilmen, Louis DeJohn, Tony LoBue, Wayne Messina, Aaron Moak and Ralph Washington, Police Chief Doug Browning and Mayor Mac Watts.  Councilmen LoBue and Messina officially take office on July 1st and will serve alongside the returning Councilmen for the next four years.