City News Release: Occupational & Business Licenses

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Submitted by the City of Central

All businesses, including home-based occupations, that operate within the city of Central are required to pay their annual occupational/business licenses each year by March 1.  New businesses are required to register when opening.  Fees for occupational licenses are established and set by state law and are available on the city’s website at under the Licenses and Taxes page.  Renewal forms are mailed each December to all current businesses operating in Central.  Forms are also available on the city’s website.

All businesses who have paid this year should have received their occupational license in the mail.  This license must be displayed in a location visible to the public in your business.  If for some reason, you paid your license fee, but have not received your license in the mail or have misplaced it, please call Mindy at City Services at 262-5000.

The city is currently in the process of sending out delinquent notices to those business owners who have not paid or renewed their licenses for 2010.  If you have a business, particularly a home-based occupation, that is no longer in existence, please let Mindy know.  Those business owners who do not pay their license fee after receiving the delinquent notice could be subject to legal action and court proceedings.   A list of both paid and delinquent businesses is available at our City Services center at 22801 Greenwell Springs Rd, Ste 3.

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