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By Dave Freneaux

Have you ever had someone do something exceptionally nice for you, for no reason other than sheer kindness? has, over the past few weeks, begun a series of articles titled "Celebrate Central" in which we shine a spotlight on professionals and volunteers whose whole career or organization is geared toward helping the people of Central.  Now, we would like to take that same concept down to a personal level by giving people a place to thank those whose kindness, loyalty or exceptional personal sacrifice has touched their life and left its mark.
Send us your THANKS for those things that you receive or witness in every day life in the City of Central.  Perhaps someone stopped and helped you fix a flat, or showed up to help you remove a downed tree and repair the fence it crushed.  Maybe a friend of the family sat with your aging parent just to give you a break. 
But people don't do nice things for recognition, and some may take exception with being named in a newspaper or website, even if it is a THANKS.  So, let's THANK those people in a way that only they will understand. hopes to run a short article of THANKS each week, but we will not be printing names.  E-mail or write us and THANK those who have touched your life.  Your THANKS might look something like this:
EG, JF, MJ, BF, JTF, MF & JF, we sometimes forget how many friends we have until you just show up and cheerfully get the job done in the scorching heat amidst the dripping paint and the swarming wasps.  Thanks for being our friends in the truest sense of the word.