Meet Your School Board Member: Dr. G. David Walker

By  | has sent letters to all of the School Board members asking them to participate in Meet You School Board Member.  One person each week will be highlighted until everyone on the School Board has been represented.  School Board members were asked to submit a three part article, including a short bio, their answer to the question, "What do you see as the most important issue(s) facing the Central Community School System over the next few years?," and anything else that they would like to say to the citizens of Central.  Responses will not be changed or edited without the consent of the School Board Member who submitted them.  This week's School Board Member is Dr. G. David Walker.

It has been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Central for the past two years on the Central Community School Board. I am a life-long resident of Central who has seen Central grow into the great city it is today.  My family has been in this community since there were dirt roads and wooden bridges.  

I come from a long line of educators. I attended Central High School from grades 1 through 12.  After graduating in 1975, I received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from Louisiana State University along with a Doctorate from the University of Southern Mississippi.  All of my training is in the field of education. 

Professionally I served as an Industrial Arts Teacher at Central High where I also coached football, basketball, and track.  In 1990, I left Central to become the Supervisor of Research and Evaluation and later an assistant principal.  Presently I work in the I CARE Program which is a program geared to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. I am one of less than 200 Licensed Prevention Professionals in the state of Louisiana.

I am married to Jill Watson Walker, a former school teacher at Bellingrath Elementary.  We have two children who attend Central schools. Josh is a senior at Central High School, and Anna is an eighth grader at Central Middle.  We attend Zoar Baptist Church where I have been an active member all my life.

Having devoted my life to education, I am able to look at educational issues facing our school system and make decisions that are best for all students and staff.

I see continued overcrowding in our schools as an issue we will need to face in the near future.  While we are trying to address the issue of overcrowding in grades 3-8, our high school will continue to grow as our community grows.  We, as a board, will also need to do whatever we can to maintain a staff of great teachers who will help provide a quality education to all our students.  We must address students who will strive to attend universities, as well as, those who will enter the world of work.  We must provide a diverse education to make our next generation quality citizens of Central so it will grow into a greater city. 

I would ask the students of Central to understand that they must work to learn and become our future leaders.  This is only possible with a quality education.  I also ask our parents, grandparents, and those without children in our schools to continue to support our schools, not just with tax money, but with your time and encouragement.   It takes a lot more than money to make Central the best school system in the state.

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