First Bids Opened for New School Construction

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By Dave Freneaux

On June 3rd the first two bids related to the building of the new Middle and Upper Elementary Schools on Sullivan Road were opened.  The first was for the demolition of the existing residence on the former Jackson property.  American Costruction was the low bidder at $55,306, followed by J. Reed Constructors, (the contractor who was awarded the renovation projects at the three existing schools), at $83,690 and Firmin Construction at $92,700. 
The second bid opened was for the Earthwork to be done to prepare the site for building construction.  Industrial Enterprises was the low bidder at $292,723.50, edging out Firmin Construction's $295,000 bid, by less than $2,500.  The closeness of bids is generally accepted as an indication that the bid package was clearly understood by all parties and that no significant errors were likely made.  Durr Heavy Construction came in third at $339,663.
The low bids will now be evaluated by the architects to determine whether the bidders met all requirements and to confirm with the low bidder that they are still prepared to do the work for this bid amount.