9 Students Graduate from Dyslexic Program

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Submitted by The Central Masonic Lodge 442

During the past ten years 34 children have graduated from the Dyslexia program sponsored by the Masonic Lodges in the Central and Baton Rouge areas.

      This past Thursday evening, the 20th May, 9 students graduated. Five were from the younger class and four from the older class. Overall thirty have completed a two year program for children in the 3rd through the 6th grades. Four students completed a one year program for youth ages thirteen and above or in the 7th through the 11th grades.

      Dyslexia is neither a disease nor a deformity; it is the way the brain has been put together.  It can be trained to read and understand the English language.  Those who have completed the program are able to compete with the majority of students whose brains are designed differently.

      The Dyslexia program is financed by the Central Masonic Lodge 442, the Trinity Union Masonic lodge 372 of Baton Rouge and by the state Grand Lodge of Louisiana. It is their gift of Louisiana masons to the children in Louisiana.

  Currently there is a class for younger children who are in their second year of study. An additional class of the younger children will begin in August.  Plans for a class  for the students in the 7th though the 11th grades will be offered this Fall. Applications are currently being accepted.  If you are interested in learning more about the program or having your child considered for the program call Rev. Brady Forman at 261-9010 or Mr. Ted Powell at 654-3615 and they will mail you an application.

      Classes are held one hour a day five days a week or when school is in session.  They are held at the Blackwater United Methodist Church located on Blackwater Road.