School Board Meeting Tonight

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There is a Central Community School Board meeting scheduled for tonight (Monday) at Kristenwood beginning at 6 PM.  The meeting is open to the public.  The agenda is as follows:

  1. Call to Order


  1. Prayer


  1. Pledge


  1. Roll Call


  1. Recognitions and Awards


  1. To consider approval of the minutes of the May 10, 2010 Regular School Board Meeting and the May 18, 2010 Special Board Meeting.


    1. To consider approval of the Superintendent’s recommendations relative to personnel. (Mr. Faulk)


    1. To consider the Superintendent’s recommendation for the position of Director of Special Programs. (Mr. Faulk)


    1. To consider approval of the recommendation of the Student Services 
      Committee relative to the academic enrichment and remediation  
      program. (Mrs. Foil)


    10.  To receive a report from the Finance Committee and consider approval  
     of the recommendations of the Finance Committee relative to the  
     Summer Remediation Budget and the General Fund Revised Budget.  
            (Mr. Guilbeau)

        11.  To consider a recommendation from PBK Architects relative to the  
     bidding of the construction of the Central Middle School and Central

        Intermediate School as one project. (Mr. Bogan)

       12.  To consider the staff’s request for approval of a change order for  
     renovations at Central High School. (Mr. Bogan)


        13.  To consider approval of an extension to the current agreement with  
     Johnson Controls for HVAC maintenance until such time as the new  
     HVAC equipment is operational at Bellingrath Hills Elementary School,  
     Tanglewood Elementary School and Central High School and through  
     June 30, 2011 for Central Middle School and Central Intermediate  
     School. (Mr. Faulk)

    14. To grant the staff permission to draw up specifications and advertise for  
    bids the construction of additional restrooms at Wildcat Stadium. 
    (Mr. Faulk)

          15.   To grant the Child Nutrition Department permission to advertise for bids  
       on the necessary products for the 2010-2011 School Year. (Mr. Faulk)

          16.  To consider a resolution approving the incorporation into building plans  
       recognizing contributions made by individuals during the formation of  
       the school system. (Mr. Starns)

          17.  To consider information relative to guidelines for committees.  
       (Mr. Faulk)

          18. Construction Coordinator’s Report

          19.  Superintendent’s Report

          20.  Legal Adviser’s Report

          21.  Announcements

          22.  Adjourn

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