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While Central Schools are quickly becoming some of the best in the state, and people are building and buying homes in Central at a record pace, the Central Economic Development Foundation, (CEDF), is at work seeing that enough businesses are attracted to our city to support the growth.  With sales taxes as a key financial support for both our School System and our City, it is important that the people of Central be able to shop in Central.  As a part of its marketing effort, the CEDF sponsored the following article in the Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Business Resource & Market Factbook”.

Central – A City on the Move!

Central has become a suburb of choice for Baton Rouge workers, resulting in a construction boom of single family homes within subdivisions.  Central has increased its desirability for families with children by distinguishing itself as a separate jurisdiction, thereby consolidating the school system.

  • 16% population increase between 1990 and 2008
  • 62% increase in average household income between 1990 and 2008
  • Higher than region and state in number of high school grads; comparable in number of college grads.


Our Future

  • The City of Central is expected to grow at twice the rate of the Baton Rouge MSA from 2008 – 2020.
  • Households moving onto Central will be slightly more racially diverse and have significantly higher incomes than the existing population.
  • Central will have a greater percentage of children and senior citizens in coming years.
  • Central will increase its diversity of job types as the city becomes more cohesive with the Baton Rouge MSA economy.
  • Central will continue to build new housing units, particularly higher-priced single-family homes and luxury attached units.
  • Growth will initially be concentrated within the lower half of the city in conjunction with the roadway expansion along Joor, Sullivan and Hooper Roads.


We’re poised for additional growth.  Central may add more than 3,500 jobs by 2015.  There’s room for your industry: Restaurants – Health Care – Entertainment (movie theaters, arcades) – Real Estate – Education – Finance and Insurance – Retail Clothing & Accessories – Home Improvement – Manufacturing 


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