Mike Anderson’s Is Coming to Central

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Yes, it is true.  Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant really is coming to Central.  Mike himself has confirmed for us that the restaurant will be located on the south side of Greenwell Springs Road at Sullivan Road.  The restaurant is slated to be about 10,000 square feet with a capacity in excess of 200 guests.  Mike's concept is for a brick and wood building with a large windowed wall across the back overlooking the wooded lot sloping down to the creek.  Three large double-sided fireplaces are planned for this upscale but casual dining experience.  In a "best-case" scenario, Mike is hopeful that the restaurant could be open by Christmas, but readily admits that there are many factors which could delay that date. will endeavor to report on the restaurant's progress every month or so.
Mr. Anderson identifies one of Central's own, Lester Jones, as a key manager at his restaurant on Lee Drive and he anticipates that Lester will be instrumental in the opening of the Central restaurant as well.  When asked who would manage the new facility Mike was quick to say he will be filling that role himself.  He was just as quick to say, "I want to hire people who live in Central" to staff the restaurant because he "likes to deal locally".  He noted that he currently buys his boudin from Jerry Lee's.  The restaurant has another connection to Central as well.  Juanita Anderson, long time Central resident and owner of the Lockhart Insurance Agency on Greenwell Springs Road, was married to Mike earlier this year. 

As to what Central can expect, Mike is, quite simply, bringing the menu, atmosphere and excellent food of the Lee Drive restaurant to Central.  He is, by his own admission, not so much a public relations guy but is instead more at home in the back of the restaurant ensuring that the food served in is name is high quality and prepared to his standards.  At we strive to present "Just The Facts" and shy away from opinion.  We have given you "the facts" as told by Mike himself, but will stray from our usual unbiased stance and say we are glad Mike Anderson's is coming to Central and we believe there will be very few in Central who disagree.

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