Bomb Threat at CH2MHill

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At about 09:55 Thursday morning, CH2MHILL received a phone call. The caller said that he would blow up the building in ten minutes. CH2MHILL management called the authorities and the employees were evacuated from the building.  Within minutes Sheriffs began to arrive and they took over the evacuation of the rest of the businesses in the complex at the corner of Hooper and Greenwell Springs Road.

CH2MHill is the private company hired by the City of Central to provide, on a contract basis, essentially all of the "city services" of Central.

Once everyone was moved to safety across the street, the authorities searched the building and found no explosives.  About an hour after the original threat and evacuation everyone went back in the offices and resumed their work.  The incident has resulted in an ongoing investigation and, as such, CH2MHILL is unable to provide any additional information at this time.

Mayor Mac Watts was at a meeting in Zachary and was notified immediately.  He arrived on the scene in about 25 minutes.

Most significant for the fate of the caller if he is found, because CH2MHill's offices are physically adjacent to the United States Post Office, there are Federal Authorities involved in the investigation.

At Thursday night's Planning and Zoning meeting, Mr. David Barrow, who works for the city, made an announcement concerning this incident.  There are many rumors going around concerning this event, and the people of Central should be careful not to spread rumors based on second- or third-hand information and conjecture.  Because this is an ongoing federal investigation, those who continue to spread rumors could become part of the investigation themselves.  We all need to behave responsibly and be sure that we are not becoming a part of the problem.

Central Speaks will not be allowing comments under this article, as rumors should be kept at bay due to the nature of this ongoing investigation.

CentralSpeaks.com arrived on the scene a few minutes after the evacuation and shot the pictures you see below.  More information on this story will be posted here as it becomes available.