What Is Cookin’ Supporting This Year?

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Each year, Cookin’ in Central supports charitable causes with the many thousands of dollars given by Central residents. This year, Cookin’ will be supporting three causes. The first is, of course, our schools here in Central, as Cookin’ for Our Kids is a major part of this fundraiser. Cookin’ began in 2006 by raising money for Chalmette schools, and the organization has continued to play a major part in school fundraising ever since. Cookin’ in Central is expected to raise over $100,000 for Central schools this year.

Cookin’ will also be donating a chunk of the proceeds from this weekend to the Blue Star Mothers. Started during World War II, the Blue Star Mothers are moms of current and former military servicemen. These mothers come together to support active duty service personnel, veterans’ organizations, and homeland volunteer efforts. This organization is both a support system for these moms and servicemen and a group of volunteers who wish to serve their country through service to others. Up to $10,000 will be raised for this non-profit organization.

Lastly, a portion of this year’s donations will be used to help make future Cookin’ events a success. Up to $5,000 will be set aside to help fund next year’s event, and some of the remaining money will go into a fund that has been set up to acquire property where Cookin’ in Central can be held each year.

Come out this weekend to help reach the fundraising goals for these wonderful causes.

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