Bid Opened for School Improvements

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Thursday, April 8th at 4PM the bids for renovations to three existing Central public schools were opened.  The low bidder was J. Reed Constructors at $6,946,000.  Eight firms submitted bids ranging as high as $8,650,000, which was the maximum total cost approved by the voters.  The next step is for the architects to evaluate the bids and determine whether the bidders met all requirements and to confirm with the low bidder that they are still prepared to do the work for this bid amount.

The scope of work in this project includes, among other things, upgrades and replacements of lighting and heating and air systems in Bellingrath, Tanglewood and Central High.  This project does not include any work at Central Middle School or the leased building used by Central Intermediate, as both of these facilities will be vacated when construction is completed on the new schools on Sullivan Road.

School Superintendent Mike Faulk explained that the improvement in efficiency due to the superior technology of the new climate control systems and lighting will likely result in a savings over the next seven years equal to the entire cost of this project.  This renovation will begin this summer and be completed in less than three months, in time for the first day of school this fall.

The eight bids on this project, in ascending order are: J. Reed Constructors $6,946,000, Stuart & Company $7,173,000, Percy Matherne Contractors $7,200,000, Arkel Construction $7,220,000, Buquet & Leblanc $7,410,000, Arrighi Construction $7,549,600, Firmin Construction $7,770,000, and Deumite Construction $8,650,000.