Weekly City Update: Tree Debris

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Reminder: Tree Service contractors are required to haul off any trees that they cut. Allied Waste will NOT pick up tree debris that has been cut and placed by the street by a tree service. DO NOT let a tree service company tell you otherwise.  A good suggestion is not to pay the contractor until all of the debris has been removed.
If you cut your own tree limbs or branches, here are some helpful tips for woody waste piles:

1) Keep trash piles away from mailboxes, light poles, fire hydrants, water/gas meters, and power lines because that makes it harder to pick up.
2) Don't put trash piles in ditches because not only is it hard for trucks to gather the material, but it also creates drainage problems.
3) Make sure the pile only contains green/tree materials and not other items such as bagged items, tires or building materials. Allied Waste will not pick up piles with mixed debris.
4) Branches and other material should be cut to lengths no longer than 6 feet and weigh no more than 100 pounds.
5) Do not place debris directly next the street where a car could hit it. Leave at least 3 feet from the edge of pavement to the debris pile.
6) Place the debris out for pickup as close to your pickup day as possible to avoid lawn damage.
7) Anyone concerned with trash or debris pickup can call 311 and speak to an Allied Waste representative.

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