Cookin’ in Central Crawfish Boil

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Cookin' in Central will kick off Friday, April 16th with a crawfish boil at Magnolia Square. All of Central is invited and encouraged to attend. The fun starts at 5 PM and will include a parking lot dance featuring music played live by the band Carbon Copy. Thank you to Gil Matherne and Carlton LaGrange, who are donating the first 5,000 pounds of crawfish to this event.

Tickets for the crawfish boil are separate from the cookoff tickets for Saturday. Crawfish boil tickets are $15 each and can be purchased through Central schools. Contact Central City Hall (261-5988) or the Central Chamber of Commerce (261-5818) for other ways to purchase tickets.

Cookin' will continue on Saturday, April 17th at 9 AM. Tickets for Saturday's cookoff are separate and are $10 each.