Attempted House Burglary Tuesday

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East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputies responded to a burglary in progress at approximately 11:25 this morning in which two teenagers were home when a man allegedly broke into the house on the 15000 block of Chanove in Geo-Je's subdivision.
The teenagers called the Sheriff's Office when they heard the sound of glass breaking down stairs. Within minutes deputies were on scene and had the house surrounded. Prior to deputies' arrival, a neighbor stopped by the house to drop something off, and when the burglar saw the neighbor he fled the scene. Nothing was reportedly taken from the house.
Deputies set up a perimeter in the area and burglary detectives and K-9 units searched for the suspect. A witness was able to provide deputies with a plate number of a suspicous vehicle seen leaving the area. Deputies apprehended Corey Green, 21, at his residence at 13118 Sugar Bowl within the hour. Green admitted to entering the house through the broken window. He will be charged with Burglary and booked into Parish Prison.

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