15 Central Private Students Advance to State Literary Rally

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Central Private School students participated in the 2010 District Literary Rally this past Saturday, March 20 at Southeastern University. CPS students represented the school and community well in the Division V competition. Congratulations to the following students who placed high in their subjects and will be competing at the state level on April 17 at LSU.

Lance Wicker – 1st place in Algebra II

Jill King – 1st place in Biology I

Steven Smith – 1st place in Business/Financial math

Haley Myers – 1st place in Calculus

Justin Starnes – 1st place in Environmental Science

Sky Baca – 1st place in Geometry

Jared Riddle – 1st place in Physics

Marcus Sandifer – 1st place in World History

Mary Leavines – 2nd place in English II

Mary Cunningham – 2nd place in English III

Orrin Byland – 2nd place in American History

Sy Tate – 2nd place in Chemistry

Steven Padgett – 2nd place in World Geography

Brandy Melancon – 3rd place in Spanish II

Nicole Dykes – 3rd place in Algebra I

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